Goodbye, 2017

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Whether you loved or were exhausted by 2017, we can all agree that it was one wild ride. Over the past few days, thoughts have bubbled up that I want to share before bringing out the fireworks and 2018 calendars.

In many ways, 2017 speaks to the duality that seems ever-prominent in my life. Extremes – often contradictory – are where I find myself and tend to thrive.

I went from traveling around the globe to living back in my old apartment and getting by without a car. I own an online content marketing company and manage a retail shop in a storefront that has been in my family for decades.

Yet, these opposite sides of my life seem to create new ideas and feed off of one another.

Likewise, as I write this post, I am celebrating and grieving the last 12 months. They have been life-altering and defining, but not without significant hardship and toll on my personal life. I recognize that I would have never had the positive experiences without surviving (even though barely, at times) the negatives.

2017 stripped me down to the core of who I am. The breakdown of nearly every aspect of my life throughout the year removed the dross and I am left with the bedrock to build the next stage of my life upon.

There are many more stories and lessons to share, but for now I encourage you to take a look back on the past year. Take an inventory of the beautiful moments and rough patches. Celebrate your strength and the human experience. Notice just how precious life is.

As the years change, we change. Let’s embrace 2018 with open arms and encourage one another as we journey into the new year together.

I’ll see you in 2018!


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