I love connecting with others and sharing stories. If you want to chat, drop me a line at abby [at] abbyhockman [dot] com or connect with me on Facebook. I cannot wait to hear from you!

Work with Me

To get a sense of my work, check out my Clips and Packages and Speaking Engagement pages. Contact me at abby [at] abbyhockman [dot] com or call 740 974 5402 for rates and to talk about partnerships.

What have others said about my work?

You are unbelievably fast! You just saved me a lot of time.

You are an asset to our team and bring fresh energy and skills to the mix.


Your work is very well laid out and comprehensive. Great leadership on your part!

I appreciate you so much. You do a fantastic job.

Very helpful AND constructive.

It is obvious you put in extra effort on your projects.