Digital Nomad Success Training

After my first year abroad, I started to be approached for coaching. My clients want to know:

  • How to work online and leverage their current work experience
  • How to budget and travel affordably

Not only have I poured over hundreds of resources for how to do both of these things, but I have lived it successfully. In addition to the points above, I am ready to share knowledge about travel/health insurance, taxes, and the reality of living and working on the road. After my own triumphs and bumps in the road, you can expect a travel expert to help you on your journey.

The truth is that you will make your own mistakes. The difference is that we will work through them and find solutions together.

My coaching rates are very affordable because you need a great resource at a good price and I would never forgive myself for charging you too much. (I know many successful coaches that charge $60-100/hour, but I will not do that.) I have been in your position and want to help you as much as I can.

Hourly Coaching Rate – $35. Follow up emails and resources are free.

Drop me a line and let’s make your digital nomad dreams a reality!

One-on-One Pitching and Writing Workshops

Looking to amp up your pitches for magazines, blogs, and websites?

As we work together, I will audit your current efforts and help you leverage your talents and portfolio to land the high-paying gigs you need. I have taught hundreds of freelancers how to pitch articles and I know exactly what you need to move forward to make writing a full-time career. Don’t have current experience? I will show you how to get it quickly.

Need to improve your overall writing and storytelling skills?

You will submit samples of your writing and we will work through them together. Book an initial consultation and get all the ideas you need to put you on the path to success.

Initial One-Hour Consultation – $35. Once we set up your consultation, you will send me current pitches so I can review and give feedback during our meeting.

Hourly Coaching Rate – $40. It will be worth every penny.