About Abby

I started as a travel journalist and content marketer based in Columbus, Ohio, writing about off-the-beaten-path destinations and culinary experiences.

My current passion project involves all things motorcycles, so you can find me zipping around places like the Scottish Highlands or sceneic Bali.

How did I get the travel bug? An outspokenly adventurous grandmother took me to Mexico at age 12, where we spent hundreds of miles trying not to fall off of steep mountains, forging rivers in the back of chicken trucks, interacting with beautifully expressive people, and eating armadillo in the hot sun. On the flight back to the States, I knew my that my life would entail the full-fledged investigation of our colorful, complex, and sometimes small world.

Mexico gave way to Alaska, China, France, India, and other adventures. In turn, my far-off travels renewed my sense of exploration at home and I began to look at Ohio in a different light. As my experiences shaped me, I realized that my international revelations were happening in someone else’s hometown. Now I look at every moment as an opportunity to explore, learn, and grow, whether at home or abroad.


I’ve written/created:

  • Strategic proposals, presentations, and marketing collateral for opportunities totaling over $250 million in revenue for global companies
  • Articles on travel and small business for internationally-targeted websites
  • Strategic account management and social media plans
  • Ghostwritten ebooks/travel guides
  • Travel blogs
  • Radio ads


  • Doubled company sales over a 2 year span
  • Increased win rate by intervals of 20% year over year for 3 years at a global corporation
  • Eating a scorpion, crickets, cow tongue, and worm in one meal, Andrew Zimmern-style
  • Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane
  • Snake charming/petting a cobra