Celebrating Purim

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As I walked the streets of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem during my first few days in Israel, I noticed an abnormal amount of costume shops per city block. As it turns out, I made it just in time for Purim, a Jewish festival that celebrates the foiling of Haman’s plot to kill the Jews. Part […]

Moving to Jerusalem

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There are some things in life that make us nervous, and moving to Jerusalem for a few weeks was one of those things for me. The two phrases that people told me after letting them know I was headed to Israel – and specifically Jerusalem – included that I needed to watch out for bombings […]

Tel Aviv Vibes

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Tel Aviv is absolutely nothing like I imagined it would be. In my limited time here, it feels like a chill melting pot. There is a lot of construction and some dust, but my impression on night one was that it is like Columbus with letters on the sides of buildings that I cannot read. […]

Tel Aviv Street Art

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I love a good piece of art, and street art is my current obsession. I will never forget walking through Paris a few years ago and seeing Space Invader scenes created with mosaic tiles and spray painted skeletons with storm drains for ribcages. That is when my obsession began. As I strolled through Tel Aviv […]

Santorini Under Construction

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Santorini in the off-season is Santorini under construction. Of the 350,000 people that flock to the picturesque island in summer, the locals tell me that only 15,000 remain in winter. I arrived in Santorini in early February. There was dust on the roads from restaurant, store, and hotel renovations. Construction workers pulled down their shades […]